Work Hard, Party Hard in a Luxury Chalet in the Alps

Ski resorts are evolving. Last summer we had a meeting with one of the main officers for French tourism in the Alps and he explained that they had carried out a lot of research and found that people need more than piste in a ski resort.

One of the most popular methods of choosing a ski resort is using advice from friends, family or experts. We have worked out that as a team of people with a huge skiing experience and have skied most of the well known resorts throughout the Alps. And then we’ve decided to open our own chalet, which combines the best features of the world-famous resorts.

Although we have worked in the industry for a number of years and have been fortunate enough to visit a lot of resorts, we still like to take advice from people regarding what they enjoyed in particular resorts. We are always looking to try new resorts and ski areas and we take a lot of advice from our peers and customers alike. People want activities to enjoy after their day on the piste have come to an end.

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